lashes and brows

Goodbye mascara, hello eyelash extensions!

We believe that behind the most beautiful set of lashes should lie a safe, quality application. As professional Lash Stylists, we listen to your design requests to customize a lash look that compliments and enhances your natural beauty without compromising the health and integrity of your natural eyelashes. We have an eye for detail and are confident the results will speak for themselves. After receiving eyelash extensions, enjoy your simplified beauty routine and awake in awe of perfectly framed lashes.

lash extensions

      new set                           $275*    

  1-week relash                $  95  

2-week relash                $125

        extended relash            $160        

No matter if you receive classic, hybrid, or volume lash extensions-

the pricing remains the same! This allows us to truly create a set as unique as you!

*Note: Some volume looks or techniques require an upcharge. Returning clients save $$ on new sets.


lash lift and tint

lash lift with keratin                $85

    lash tint with keratin              $20    



brow shape & design               $ 25

brow tint with keratin                   $20

brow lamination with keratin     $85

lash extension packages

weekly relash package               $323 (15%/$57 savings!)

Package is for 4 pre-paid weekly relash appointments.
Bringing the cost per service from $95 to $80.75. 

Does NOT auto-renew

    relash package                          $425 (15%/$75 savings!)   
Package is for 4 pre-paid bi-weekly relash appointments.

Bringing the cost per service from $125 to $108.75. 

Does NOT auto-renew.

permanent makeup



ombre brows                            $  

corrective work                        $  

lips                                             $ 

eyeliner                                      $ 

iv hydration and shots