• AnneMarie Lorenzini

Define Beauty

Our visions are created from our experiences, knowledge, curiosities, and memories. If a possibility feels impossible- well... you probably can’t fully create that image in your mind anyway. Look for the vision you connect with and can see flourish. Once you have it, you can determine what it takes to bring it to life! It’s definitely not easy and others may make it look so, but trust that they’ve had many “firsts” and hiccups along the way. I hope we all find the time to dream and to enjoy the moments we have here. Let’s create something beautiful. 🖤

Borboleta Beauty is launching a podcast called Define Beauty and I couldn't be more supportive of this concept. They're getting in to how we all define beauty and the impact it has on our lives. Take a moment and ask yourself, "How do I define beauty?"

I define beauty as peace, acceptance, and happiness. Imagine respecting and loving yourself and others through all the highs and lows. Now that’s true beauty. 🖤

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