• AnneMarie Lorenzini

Do Eyelash Extensions Cause Damage?

The best before and after. 18 months of continuous wear of a D-curl Russian Volume set and the naturals are still strong. Amazing! Here are some of my tips on keeping our client’s naturals from becoming compromised (aka damaged). ⠀ ⠀ S T Y L I S T:⠀ ⭐️Review the client’s lifestyle and medical history before their initial application. Eyelash extensions aren’t for everyone.⠀ ⭐️Remember, there are many factors that affect the naturals aside from extensions such as stress, health conditions, medications, and aging.⠀ ⭐️Complete a thorough natural eyelash assessment prior to >every< appointment. Take photos. This is useful when a client feels their naturals “aren’t the same”.⠀ ⭐️Document any changes in your client’s natural eyelashes, lifestyle, or health at every appointment.⠀ ⭐️Ensure a seamless application. This means achieving a clean isolation, proper attachment position, and eliminating stickies. ❌Sloppy and safety aren’t synonyms.⠀ ⭐️Apply extensions in accordance to what the natural eyelash can safely hold. There are general rules, but this should be assessed and adjusted as necessary. If the naturals are shorter or less dense/thick than the prior appointment- adjust your design to something appropriate rather than applying the same-ol-same-ol. ⠀ ⭐️Educate your client. Educate on the application process, aftercare (teach them how to take care of them AND what to use- retailing is best), maintenance, on your education, and how to chose a good Lash Stylist.⠀ ⭐️Complete a proper refill including removal of grown out or damaged eyelash extensions. (Yes, following all the above!)⠀ ⠀ C L I E N T:⠀ ⭐️Receive routine refills. Waiting too long between refills can cause extra stress on the hair follicle due to overly grown out extensions.⠀ ⭐️Cleanse lashes daily.⠀ ⭐️Use proper makeup application and removal techniques.⠀ ⭐️Use compatible products... no tar eyeliner, loose-cotton products, or wash clothes please! ⭐️Use caution in face down positions- massage, sleeping, etc.⠀ ⭐️Avoid mechanical friction to the lashes- rubbing, picking, etc. ⠀ ⭐️Communicate to your Lash Stylist. This includes any discomfort you’re experiencing throughout the application as well as any lifestyle, health, or diet changes.

Open communication is key with our clients. As a Lash Stylist, it is our job to protect our client's natural eyelashes and ensure a safe application. Communicate with your client if you notice a change and know there are many factors that affect the natural eyelashes aside from eyelash extensions such as stress, health conditions, medications, and aging to name a few.

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