• AnneMarie Lorenzini

LuxUncut Training Review

Everyone knows I enjoyed my private training with LuxUncut, but let’s dive into why. Lana was very detail oriented and answered >ALL< my questions. If you know me, you know I like to have as complete of an understanding as possible. And this comes with me asking a lot of thorough questions- with a sprinkle of stupidly sarcastic questions too. 😘 Lana was by my side the entire private training and was not distracted even for a moment. I received suggestions and tips throughout the application in a direct yet sincere way. She showed me a new way to look at volume and my applications are forever enhanced because of this. In addition to Lana sharing her knowledge on volume and pro-making fans- she shared what sets her apart... her aesthetic. Lana tailored these teachings to what my individual goals and visions are. I can’t say too much without giving it away, but know that I was impressed by this portion of her training! Lastly, the curriculum was well put together and her training materials are luxurious. 🖤 I went in expecting to learn a trick or two and came out with so much more.

Final recommendations: I recommend The Artistry Course for any lash stylist with volume experience who is looking to further enhance their skills. The Picture Perfect course is great for any level of lash stylist wanting to create a consistent portfolio aesthetic with captivating photos. With that said... who is interested in taking this course? What has held you back from attending?

Thank you to Lana: Oh where, oh where, oh where to begin. 😘 Lana was a long time Instagram lash pen pal of mine. No matter the topic, Lana was always level headed and supportive. I knew I wanted to train with her before she even had a curriculum! I was initially drawn to Lana by her take on making the lash industry fashionable... from her style, to her training materials, to her techniques... everything has a luxurious touch. Her training did not disappoint! Lana, finding someone as level-headed and lovely as you is so rare. I am blessed to know you and excited to see what the future brings you. Thank you for being you and for your impact on our industry. 🖤