• AnneMarie Lorenzini

Record Keeping

A topic I can talk about for hours. 😁 This is an essential part to running a successful business and protecting your client. My clients complete a Client Intake Form, Waiver, and Policy Form before I ever service them. This helps me manage their expectations and utilize compatible products by assessing their lifestyle and health history. In addition, I assess and document my client’s natural eyelash criteria at each service. If I notice any change (for

better or worse) it is immediately documented and my design changes in accordance. It may be easy to stick with the same design every time, but the natural eyelashes fluctuate due to many factors such as hormones, stress, mechanical damage, growth cycle, medications, and health. It is our job to monitor and protect the integrity of these lashes while clients simultaneously care for them. In my opinion, if you aren’t documenting and completing a thorough assessment, you’re putting yourself, your business, and your clients at risk. With 2019 right around the corner, it is a great time to implement a new and improved system. I recommend taking a look at not only your policies and documentation, but at your inventory and pricing as well. I’d love to hear what you’re reassessing and implementing as we move into 2019! 🖤

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