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Our professional 4-step waxing process is designed to reduce sensitivities associated with traditional waxing services. Your waxing specialist will select the proper wax to use based on the area being waxed, as well as your skin and hair type. After the area is waxed, an anti-bacterial, soothing serum is applied to the skin. To further decrease breakouts, ask about our high-frequency treatment. Proper post-care recommendations are provided.



brow shape & design                   $ 25

lip, chin, ears, or nose                 $ 10

 cheeks, sideburns, or neck         $ 15 

 full face                                           $ 65 



arms             $ 35 half           $ 45 full

legs               $ 45 half           $ 70 full

back              $ 40 half           $ 70 full

hands or feet                          $ 15        

 underarms                              $ 25        

Purchase as a series of 4
 and save 20%!